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Five Essence Box -  ‘New Beginnings’

Five Essence Box - ‘New Beginnings’


A box of five stock Shell Essences to help us shift into New Beginnings accepting positive change without fear of lack of survival: These are:

Queen Helmet Conch – Understanding, believing, and creating positive survival on all levels.

Shinbone Tibia – Gratitude and new beginnings of faith, trust, enthusiasm and delight. Removes barriers which create fear and self-doubt.

Ammonite - Heart-centered courage and steadfast faith during times of change.

Seahorse – Discovering the ability to create immediate manifestation with confidence and peace.

Kim’s Whelk – Removing old beliefs of personal inability, to reveal our true powerful Inner Being.

These Essences may make our New Beginnings much more like ‘Thriving’, not just Surviving.

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