When we have passed through some difficult years,

We must now address our despair and our fears.

Let’s greet each day with faith and with love;

Much help is arriving from within, and above.

Yes, changes are needed, but let’s not despair

We have now learned to live with compassion and care.

A New Age is dawning, let’s all spread our Light,

And create a new world that is happy and bright.


Animal Meridian Balance Kit

Animal Meridian Balance Kit

SKU: AnimalMeridian
The ‘Animal Meridian Balance’ is the pet version of the 42 Muscle Balance which balances the energy meridians and is equally useful for acute and chronic problems.  It consists of 5 stock essences which need to be taken in sequence one after the other with instructions included.
Often very effective for chronic problems, and can be combined with 'Heaven Sent' if there is shock and fear, or with 'Stress-Less Dog' if there is stress and anxiety.