When we have passed through some difficult years,

We must now address our despair and our fears.

Let’s greet each day with faith and with love;

Much help is arriving from within, and above.

Yes, changes are needed, but let’s not despair

We have now learned to live with compassion and care.

A New Age is dawning, let’s all spread our Light,

And create a new world that is happy and bright.


Wonder Cowrie

Wonder Cowrie

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Restores feelings of closeness and connection when there is a perception of isolation, separation, and disconnection from Spirit, family and friends.
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    Wonder Cowrie helps those who feel isolated and disconnected from others to feel close, connected, safe and belonging to both their human and spiritual family and to the earth planet. An excellent essence for children who feel alone, overlooked or neglected.

    Wonder Cowrie encourages a sense of closeness and communication when hospitalization or loss of ability to communicate brings feelings of isolation.

    For a child who feels alone, rejected by peers, misunderstood and perhaps unloved, this essence brings a feeling of belonging, of closeness to others, and a sense of being loved and accepted.

    When there is a desire to re-connect with someone who has recently moved into spirit;

    When there are feelings of separation and loss of family or community and friends; when we feel uprooted from all that is familiar and safe.

    Wonder Cowrie helps us feel grounded, safe, connected and at one with our spiritual family.

    Wonder Cowrie was created in 2009 and is one of the shells of the New Vibration.