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Volute II

Volute II

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Helps create a more fortunate life; creativity, self-worth, and creating abundance.
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    Volute II

    Volute II helps us access the abundance available to us in our human life.

    It encourages self-esteem and the self-worth to access the abilities we need to create the life we desire.

    Volute II, together with Fossil Nautilus, help us discover unsuspected gifts and talents which we can work with to create something new.

    This essence encourages a positive attitude, generosity, courage to try something different, and positive ideals, goals and expectations.

    Volute II is a useful essence when achievement is blocked by apathy, low self-esteem, and negative beliefs about self and apparent inability to create a fortunate life.

    Volute II encourages us to move through our life on this planet appreciating the beauty which surrounds us, understanding that dif culties and problems may be part of our growth, and the growth of others, and that aws may be gifts in disguise. 

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