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Spengler's Triton

Spengler's Triton

Faith and confidence to 'be oneself' for those who use false persona to hide pain and fear from self and others.
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    Spenglers Triton gives us the confidence and belief in self to be ourselves rather than creating a false persona through fear, or trying to t the expectations of others. It assists self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

    This essence brings harmony to relationships especially when a relationship is being damaged by one partner dominating the other.

    Spenglers Triton removes energy infringements such as surrogations, cordings on the spleen and manipulation of the crown of chakras.

    Spenglers Triton helps release television radiation from the aura, and the in uence of television ideals and false portrayals of life.

    Spenglers Triton helps us relax and ‘be ourselves’ instead of having to ‘prove ourselves ‘.

    Spenglers Triton helps face dif culties with con dence and certainty instead of hiding from problems

    This essence encourages self-acceptance, self-knowledge and self-love when there is fear and lack of con dence in ‘being oneself.’ It removes the emotional blocks of fear and uncertainty to allow freedom of thought and expression.

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