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South Sea Pearl

South Sea Pearl

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Releasing ego attachment to the superficial and external, and replacing that wih calm, peaceful connection to the 'Light' within all.
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    South Sea Pearl

    South Sea Pearl encourages us to acknowledge and connect to the reality of ‘inner Light’, the ‘Higher Self’ or ‘God within’ ourselves and each and every person, instead of focusing obsessively on the outer persona.

    From this viewpoint we can see more clearly what is important for our spiritual growth, and what we have ‘outgrown’ and wish to discard.

    When so much of our current mindset is focused only on material possessions, outer appearances, the false stimulation of drama and comparisons, South Sea Pearl gently turns our attention to the ultimate reality of love and compassion.

    It helps us connect to the grids of the planet and receive and deposit higher vibrations thus helping to raise the vibrational energy of the planet.

    A very supportive essence for those searching for ‘themselves’; their ultimate reality, and trying to change old patterns and habits.

    Once we have ‘turned on our light’ with South Sea Pearl we may become aware of the turbulence, negative attitudes and fear which have been part of our lives for so long that we have come to accept them as ‘normal’. South Sea Pearl illuminates our ‘faults’ and supports us while we are dealing with them.

    South Sea Pearl helps us ignore the push towards lower vibrational energies of con ict, separatism and materialism, and encourages and empowers us instead to spread the higher vibrations of love and connectedness throughout our sphere of in uence.

    This essence establishes a feeling of peace, faith and empowerment. A vital essence for those dedicated to spiritual development. 

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