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Robin's Cowrie

Robin's Cowrie

Balances masculine and feminine energy and gives a softer approach to life.
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    Robin’s Cowrie

    Robin’s Cowrie balances masculine and feminine energy within both males and females.

    Robin’s Cowrie helps women to empower themselves through the use of Venus energy, rather than Mars planetary energy and encourages the positive feminine traits of intuition, healing, creativity and nurturing.

    This is a useful essence when an overabundance of masculine Mars energy in women is causing imbalances in the reproductive system, and also hardened attitudes and bossy competitive behaviour both at home and business.

    Robin’s Cowrie encourages softness and a gentle attitude to life for both males and females caught in false, aggressive self-presentation. It promotes an attitude of ‘equal and opposite’ rather than ‘better than’ and encourages a sense of cooperation rather than competitiveness. 

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