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SKU: Pipi
To experience peace and sense of wholeness when there is grief and loss. Allows clairvoyants to see a bigger picture
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    Pipi allows us to access higher wisdom when we perceive only loss and associated grief. It helps us to understand that nothing is really broken or lost when we experience the wholeness and perfection of spirit. Pipi also helps clairvoyants to see the bigger picture instead of focusing on a part.

    Pipi helps us move into new situations or relationships without carrying the memory of past loss and resentment.

    This essence can also be also useful to heal memories of old grief which surface unexpectedly and inappropriately.

    Pipi is a useful essence for children dealing with the grief and loss caused by separation from a parent during divorce, and is also applicable for puppies and kittens when separated from mother.

    Pipi helps us experience wholeness instead of loss in any situation where we perceive something to be missing or broken – mentally, emotionally or physically. 

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