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Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

Pacific Crown Chakra Conch


Pacific Crown Chakra Conch 

May the warm clear flow of Joy and Peace
Cleanse and create a grateful release.

Allowing all negative fears to resolve

So our true Inner Being Can rise and evolve. 

The new Infinite Energy Essence of Pacific Crown Chakra Conch has arrived to spread the qualities of ‘peace’ and ‘joy’ throughout all. (The shell is called ‘Pacific Crown Conch’ but the essence wished to add the word ‘Chakra) 

  • more about Pacific Crown Chakra Conch

    Pacific Crown Chakra Conch is a very high vibrational essence, so it is therefore difficult to describe its qualities, as there are currently no words or concepts for this science.

    The experience of taking this essence is the ability to feel an inner peace and joy. This becomes the underlying energy which is always available when you request this. It forms the backdrop against which all experiences can manifest.

    No matter what problems are being worked on, Pacific Crown Chakra Conch will paint over them with a wash of peace and joy and encourage a harmonious solution.

    While Ocean Jasper helped you rise above the ‘mud’ within which you had been walking, Pacific Crown Chakra Conch helps the ‘mud’ to fade into insignificance until it completely disappears.

    Those who can benefit from this essence are those who have already confronted many of their problems and who are ready to move into the higher vibrational energy.

    Remember that the Shell Essences align with planetary energies, so when there are feelings of instability from planetary energy, Pacific Crown Chakra Conch will still allow feelings of peace and inner joy.

    Pacific Crown Chakra Conch doesn’t create peace and joy; we are the creators, but this essence stimulates our ability to release these beautiful qualities from within. 

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