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Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper

SKU: OceanJasper
Accesses the higher vibrations of Love, Trust, and Faith
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    Ocean Jasper

    The Qualities of Ocean Jasper are the high vibrations of Love, Trust and Faith.

    This Essence is imprinted with the newer Multidimensional energies which are now beginning to impact our planet.

    Ocean Jasper gives faith and the unshakeable belief that everything is actually going well, and that humanity can overcome the negativity seemingly distorting the planetary environment.

    Ocean Jasper helps us to move beyond the 3 dimensional negative vibrations of worry, anxiety and fear. These problems are addressed by the first 40 Shell Essences, and Ocean Jasper raises our vibrations to access love, compassion, inner wisdom and a more intuitive understanding of our reality.

    Ocean Jasper encourages a flow of positive energy which connects our personal energy with the planetary energy flow for the benefit of both humanity and the planet.

    This Essence allows a feeling of detachment from previously impacting concerns, and thus more inner peace and wisdom, but because its vibration is more multidimensional, its qualities are better experienced, than described.

    However to fully experience the qualities of Ocean Jasper old problems must be released. It may not be a relevant essence for those who are still fully enmeshed in their negative, emotional patterns.

    The more people who take the essence of Ocean Jasper, the more powerful it will become; it seems to connect all those who accept its vibration, into the Oneness of All. 

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