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Noble Volute

Noble Volute

SKU: NobleVolute
Provides a feeling of deep, inner peace, universal love, and a harmonious connection with all creation.
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    Noble Volute Love from the Universe

    The Essence Noble Volute allows us to experience the feeling of deep, contented and blissful peace, with love, acceptance and compassion towards all life.

    This Essence will assist those who have been working to raise their vibrational energy, and who have confronted and released many of the imbalances which the first forty single Shell Essences were created to help release.

    Those who will be drawn to Noble Volute are those who have committed to helping create a planet of peace, love and compassion where all people live in harmony with each other and with all of nature.

    Noble Volute assists us to glimpse the possibility of this ascended planet even when everything at present seems in disarray.

    For those who have given intent to heal their lives, Noble Volute allows a feeling of inner peace; for those who are going through turbulent episodes it will give a background of peace, and the quiet, inner confidence that we can move beyond our present imbalances. This Essence will not remove our burdens, but forms a backdrop against which all negative emotions and energies lose their power and importance and balance seems attainable.

    Baler Shell, the previous Infinite Energy Essence, forms a protective energy barrier against infringement by negative energies which could send us off-course. This then allows Noble Volute, when taken with intent, to permeate our cellular memories and restore our sense of spiritual empowerment and inner peace. 

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