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Little Whelks

Little Whelks

Inner child happiness essence for the inner child of all ages. Returns feelings of lightheartedness and joyfulness
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    Little Whelks

    Little Whelks is a children’s happiness essence for unhappy children, and for the unhappy child who may still dwell within the overly serious adult.

    Little Whelks may also be a relevant essence if there are problems with fat metabolism and digestion.

    This essence encourages happiness, a feeling of lighthearted youthfulness and a sense of fun for those with an overly serious attitude to life.

    Little Whelks can also be a useful essence in palliative care.

    Little Whelks is equally bene cial for animals, especially if puppies and kittens have been removed from their mother and the rest of the litter too soon.

    Little Whelks is indicated if there are problems with digestion; if there had been insuf cient joyousness, freedom and creative play during childhood, and especially for those who need to ‘lighten up and have fun’. 

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