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Returns balance to ego when astrological fire sign energy (esp Leo's) becomes unbalanced. Also when any imbalance becomes larger than life.
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    Limpet brings kindness, tolerance and sincerity when there is egotistical and arrogant behaviour, often evident in those whose astrological re sign energy has become unbalanced – particularly those with a sun sign in Leo.

    Limpet may also return emotional balance to those who have been hurt by a person with unbalanced re sign energy.

    Limpet can be useful when an imbalance becomes ‘larger then life’ and is taking a lot of energy.

    When there is intolerance, arrogance, a need to always be right and disinclination to listen to others, Limpet brings openness, sincere effort and fearless leadership. It helps create a balanced ego, with tolerance for others, kindness, and a sense of humour.

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