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Lettered Cone

Lettered Cone

To receive correct information, psychically and spiritually; realigns the energy body to the astrological sun sign.
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    Lettered Cone

    Lettered Cone allows one to receive appropriate and heart-centered information from self and others, including correct psychic and spiritual information.

    Lettered Cone is an excellent essence for those who are doubtful of the authenticity of their psychic or channeled messages.

    Lettered Cone re-aligns the auric body to the appropriate astrological sun sign.

    Lettered Cone is an excellent essence when children exhibit confused, scattered or disturbed behaviour (often labeled A.D.D) but which can be due to the con icting expectations of their many different carers.

    Lettered Cone helps us follow our most appropriate direction in life and to make the best personal choice when many choices are available. It removes the energies of inappropriate choices.

    Lettered Cone brings con dence in our own discretionary ideas rather than relying on the advice and opinions of others. 

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