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Kims Whelk

Kims Whelk

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Kim’s Whelk helps us release the illusional overlay with which we have painted ourselves, due to an ancient belief that this would keep us safe!

The Essence has arrived to give us glimpses of what lies beneath this false façade when we are now able to observe small patches of the beautiful Being within.


Kim’s Whelk

Let’s remove some of the illusions we follow -

Despite them bringing us fear and sorrow!

Now our true Inner Beings are here to stay,

And our Heart’s ‘Inner-Feeling’
will show us the way.

While the first Shell and Coral Essences help us realise and release the difficulties and negative energies hidden within this outer façade, and the Infinite Energy Essences help us to move into the higher vibrations now available, this is the first Infinite Energy Essence that can actually give us a small glimpse of that which is the Inner Heart of humanity, nature, our planet, and the cosmos. This glimpse is not visual or mental, but an inner feeling, a peaceful knowing of what lays within
us when we release that which lays without us


Seek with a completely open mind, leaving all ideas and perceptions behind; it is not a case of ‘seeing’ but of ‘being’, and as we begin to clear off that overlay, we will begin to ‘Be’. It’s best to take Kim’s Whelk Essence when we are somewhere quiet, peaceful and still. Then we can allow our perceived environment to appear to dissolve and become an illusion; we can then welcome our true ‘Being’ into our awareness.


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