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Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop spray

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop spray




Another step forward in our eternal life,

We now leave behind all fear and strife.

Sunrise Scallop helps us rediscover

Love, Hope and Happiness

We can send to each other.


This little Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop will create an Essence to help everyone coexist in a compassionate, friendly, noble planet where we are all connected within the powerful energy of Love, creating hope and happiness.


This Essence will help us understand our value on this planet, and recognize the mission that brought us here.

Each of the Infinite Energy Essences follows the previous one and takes us one step further on our journey.

When self-doubt arises and trust disappears we must look deep within ourselves, press the ‘reject key’, and any self-doubt and distrust will disappear,  as the powerful energy of ‘that which we are’ comes immediately to the forefront and dispels all fear and self-doubt.

Intuitive wisdom that has survived forever in the Hawaiian Islands has been held in these tiny shells until the timing to release it was right.

Although many of the new Essences convey love and compassion, this Essence takes us back to the eternal wisdom held for us from other Planetary Beings until we became desperate enough to listen within, acknowledge and learn.

The previous Essence Star Light began the first step of our return to wholeness and wisdom. Now Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop takes us one step further to regain the eternal wisdom of hope and happiness implanted within us from our sister planets until we reached the turning point when we were prepared to listen to new (to us) wisdom, and retreat from the old paths that had lead us into disaster so many times.

This Essence was created from a tiny Scallop sent to me from Hawaii.

The information that I was given with the shell says,

“These gifts of the ocean have a deep aloha that makes your heart open and radiate love out into the world.”

“They were carried into the Pacific Ocean to be charged with the energies of the whale’s song”.

The card contains a photo of a sunrise on a Kauai Hawaiian beach, taken by Debbie Gaehl.

(Thanks Deb!)

The Essence was made beside the sea among the mangroves where the only sounds are the song of the birds and the gentle lapping of the waves as the tide is coming in!


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