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Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop essence

Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop essence

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Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop

The Essence from this little Hawaiian Moonrise Scallop Shell will help humanity and Mother Earth to collect all the wisdom and spiritual healing that has been downloaded to us from our Pleiadean ancestors.

The Moonrise Scallop has feminine energy that enhances the feminine principles of caring, compassion, new birth, and knowing our own inner strength and intelligence, rather than relying on others and the accumulation of ‘stuff’ to make us feel special and accepting ourselves.

The feminine energy which lays within us all, regardless of our present gender, is now asking to be released, accepted, and used to create the planet and humanity we were intended to create. We have had many years and centuries to experiment with what ‘works’ for our human existence, and what instead creates more problems. Therefore, the Moonrise Scallop from the depths of the Hawaiian Oceans has held the feminine wisdom until we are able to use, and not abuse it.

The Moonrise Scallop does not create the wisdom with which we have all been taught, but allows long closed doors to open and our hearts to sing with the strength, caring and love of our planet and all of humanity. We have been permitted to discover what doesn’t work and creates more hardship. Now the feminine energy of inner strength, love, caring and compassion can shed its light throughout the world.

 The time has come! Even in the so-called darkest areas of our world, the moon has risen, and is shining its soft, gentle light toward all those whose feminine eyes are opening, and whose hearts are resounding with this pure and beautiful wisdom.

We know that the light of the moon can light the darkest skies, and it is rising to show us light and beauty, and may each ray of gentle moonlight enlighten your present and future lives, and the lives of all those with whom you connect.



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