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Goniastria Coral

Goniastria Coral

SKU: GoniastriaCoral
Understanding the dimension of ‘time’ is elastic and can be manipulated; living in the ‘now’, resolving procrastination issues. Responsibility towards the planets environment.
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    Goniastrea helps us relate more appropriately to the dimension we call time, to be more focused in the ‘now’ rather than cling to a perception of ‘past, present and future’.

    This essence encourages a concept of time being elastic and moveable rather than linear, and allows the knowledge that it is within our power to ‘stretch’ or ‘shrink’ it as required, thus freeing us from the restrictions of a time-based life.

    Goniastrea helps those with issues of procrastination to act when appropriate instead of procrastinating due to fear of commitment. This essence creates positive energy to ful ll a task, and the belief that ‘now’ is the right time.

    Goniastrea discourages belief in fear-based negative environmental prophesies, but instead encourages us to send positive love and blessings to the planet, with the knowledge that because everything is connected, even small acts and thoughts of gratitude will make a difference. 

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