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Coffee Bean Cowrie

Coffee Bean Cowrie

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Re-connection to the energy of past unfinished business to correct and heal past issues either personal or past-life and often centered around ‘place’. Finding ‘home’ for those who feel displaced
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    Coffee Bean Cowrie assists the energetic connection between us and the magnetic energy of the planet. It encourages a return to the ancient planetary wisdom which allowed our distant ancestors to work with planetary energy for the highest good of all – rather than in con ict with it.

    This essence will help those who have un nished business relating to an area on the planet which needs healing of negative memories. Coffee Bean Cowrie will draw them to the energy of this place – either physically or spiritually – to allow healing both of person and place. It is a useful essence for personal, planetary, and ancestral healing.

    Coffee Bean Cowrie will aid those who feel ‘lost’ – “I don’t belong here” – to feel a connection and sense of safety and purpose which will allow them to complete a spiritual contract.

    This essence can help children who feel they don’t belong where they currently reside, or don’t belong within their present family.

    Coffee Bean Cowrie is a valuable essence for those who:

    - feel displaced, and need to connect to their roots on this planet;

    - have un nished business from another time or place which they need to address;

    - are longing for ‘home’ and need to nd a place where they feel at peace. 

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