Callala Bay Scallop

Callala Bay Scallop

Removes negative, repetitive emotional patterns from the past and emotional blocks to allow a fresh start.
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    Callala Bay Scallop removes repetitive negative emotional patterns from the past to allow us to move into new relationships without carrying unpleasant memories from other times.

    Callala Bay Scallop removes emotional blocks when these are preventing healing.

    This essence also removes imprints of shocks, fear and phobias which may be stored in the emotional heart centre.

    Callala Bay Scallop can be sprayed through a house to remove psychic imprints we may call ‘ghosts’ or entities.

    Callala Bay Scallop also clears our living or work environments of the effects of disturbed negative earth energies (eg disturbed ley-line activity)

    This essence helps us to feel connected to the energy of our planet; it helps us regain the understanding that we and the planet are part of the same energy.

    This is a very valuable essence when starting new relationships; it heals the ‘wounded heart’ to allow a fresh start.

    It also helps us create harmony between ourselves and the energies of the earth, and is part of the spray ‘Harmony Mist’ which clears areas of negative emotional and psychic debris. 

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