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Black Nerite

Black Nerite

SKU: BlackNerite
Removes belief in karmic punishment and encourages compassion, commitment and spiritual healing.
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    Black Nerite removes the ancient belief in karmic punishment from the ancestral and ‘past life’ memory. It relieves the unconscious need to suffer pain and anguish due to a belief in self-punishment and retribution. By encouraging spiritual awareness it opens us to self-love and compassion.

    Black Nerite encourages spiritual healing when there is deep despair and possible self-harm.

    Black Nerite helps positive transition at time of death by lessoning fear and belief in punishment for sins.

    Black Nerite may be indicated if imbalances are dif cult to release or heal and some karmic component is suspected. This karmic content may be indicated by dif cult astrology.

    Black Nerite raises our awareness to enable us to experience a moment of enlightenment. This may be enough to allow the release of a need for the self-harm of illness.

    Black Nerite changes our view of karma from atonement for wrong- doing, to compassion and commitment to the wellbeing of the planetary community. 

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