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Baler Shell

Baler Shell

SKU: BalerShell
Provides deep protection from infringement by human egos which are pushing the old negative energies of fear and confrontation, and from devices emitting harmful radiations.
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    Baler Shell

    Baler Shell gives deep, effective protection from energy interference. It prevents lower vibration energies from attaching and infringing, be they from people, equipment, organizations or media.

    It protects those who are wishing to create higher dimensional energies of peace, love, compassion and cooperation from being attacked and distracted by those wishing to maintain the old negative energies of fear, anger, limited abilities, greed and powerlessness.

    Baler Shell has a grounding and calming in uence, giving a reassuring sense of calmness and peace.

    This essence expands the range of protection of ‘HIR Aura Mist’, as there are now different and more harmful sources of radiation than those present when Aura Mist was created.

    This current radiation can have a negative effect on children and those with a high sensitivity to these electromagnetic elds, so stronger protection is required.

    Baler Shell can extend the effectiveness of ‘Just Me’ by also protecting against the emotional damage from jealousy and competitiveness, and the infringing manipulations from those attempting to force others toward lower vibrations of fear, low self esteem and low expectations.

    With our intent, Baler Shell gives safe, effective protection to allow our energies to be directed towards positive personal and planetary development without manipulation and infringement from others, for as long as we require this shield of protection. 

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