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Amber Dolphin

Amber Dolphin

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Freedom of thought and experience. Expanded consciousness and awareness; creative thought – thinking outside the square.
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    Amber Dolphin

    Freedom of thought and expression: the ability to ‘think outside the square’ rather than try to solve problems through our current restrictive and conservative beliefs.

    Expanded consciousness and awareness: acting from an understanding of the ‘oneness’ of humankind rather than from a divisive and competitive mindset. Accessing a greater spiritual awareness.

    Excellent for children, whose natural creativity, imagination and awareness is being sti ed by their lifestyle, giving rise to anger and frustration.

    Also useful for children who bully others, or who are being bullied. Amber Dolphin encourages cooperation and a sense of togetherness rather than perceiving differences which encourage rejection.

    This essence could also be useful to deter adult bullying and could be added to Harmony Mist and sprayed in an of ce where bullying was occurring.

    A gentle essence for increasing spiritual awareness, activating a thirst for spiritual growth and accessing inner wisdom. 

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