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42 Muscle Balance Kit

42 Muscle Balance Kit

SKU: 42MuscleBalance
This muscle balance releases blocked energy along meridian pathways. The sequence of essences can be taken once a week to clear away any imbalance that has occurred, or even once a day if required.

It can be used for any perceived imbalance due to dietary deficiency, jet lag, imbalance of cycles due to stress, and just feeling 'off'.
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    The 42 Muscle Balance


    I Allow, Pipi, Robin’s Cowrie, Stromb. Fasciatus,Yellow Sand Snail

    This wonderful sequence of 5 single stock essences was devised by kinesio- logist Malcolm Chaffer, and balances the 42 major muscles of the body and the 14 energy meridians, and it also resets the meridian time clock. The 42 Muscle Balance is particularly supportive for anyone with a chronic illness.

    The procedure is simple and involves taking 2 drops of each of the 5 stock essences in the following sequence, one after the other with no waiting period in between each essence. Do not mix the drops into a dosage bottle – I Allow; Pipi; Robin’s Cowrie: Stromb. Fasciatus; Yellow Sand Snail.

    Use this fabulous sequence to re-balance the body:

    • ●  Daily as a general anti-aging treatment to keep the body supple;

    • ●  After falls, sports injuries, body stiffness or general tiredness;

    • ●  To stop muscle stiffness when moving house, gardening or renovating;

    • ●  After vomiting, diarrhea, coughing attacks, stress, or just feeling unwell;

    • ●  When traveling to avoid jet-lag, or muscle stiffness after long car trips;

    • ●  May assist when there are tremors and chronic muscle spasms;

    • ●  In the early stage of colds or u;

    • ●  To hasten recovery after hospitalization, illness, periods of stress;

    • ●  Use when treating animals for a speedy recovery.

      This is a remedy you can take anywhere to use anytime: a must for every home rst aid kit.

      (Thanks to kinesiologist Isabelle Clark for this information). 

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