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The Importance of Astrology

Whenever we feel blocked, and believe that things are not going the way we expected, we could always look to the planets of our Solar System for answers, and ask how these energies might be affecting our lives.

We are all connected to the planets, and also planet Earth, by flows of vibrational energy.

When we understand which planets might be affecting us, and in what manner they can hinder or help, then we can choose to manage our lives with more understanding and wisdom.

The ancient tribal people of our planet understood planetary energies, and used this information for health, healing and travelling. Those of us who understand Astrology can do the same.

Whenever I hear similar stories from people all over Australia, I always suspect that the energy of planets may be involved, so I ask an accomplished Astrologer (Kimberleigh Joblin- see below) in what manner might the planetary astrology be affecting our lives, and how we can use these energies to our advantage. Of course, a lot depends on our personal astrology as well.

When I first began creating Shell Essences, Spirit said that we are all connected by flows of energy to our planetary universe, especially to the planet of our Sun-Sign. Some of the Shell Essences will re-connect us to our correct planetary magnetism if we choose them intuitively.

When we entered this life, we chose to connect with the Planetary Energies that would help us achieve the tasks we had chosen to accomplish.

The Essences said that if we ‘moved out’ of those planets, especially our Sun-Sign, it would be like going to work as a plumber with electricians’ tools! So, let’s turn our attention to our Astrology, and honour the wisdom of the Ancients, and also our present Astrologers.

Kim Joblin – “As a Naturopath, I’m fascinated by Health and Medical Astrology.”

“ If you are born at the ‘wrong time’ to be able to access your Astrological helpers and guides – to the best advantage for your life path, using Shell Essences can be a wonderful way to get back properly aligned with your Sun (star) Sign – and this helps you to access your personal guidance to live the life you were meant to live – more fully.

Your Sun Sign(Your personal Star) and your Moon Sign and Rising Sign can point to brilliant timing for Personal Empowerment, and full Health and Vitality. Every year when you have a Solar Return (Birthday) – when the Sun returns to the same Zodiac Sign and Degree as when you were born, this is a time of potential personal power, luck and fulfillment. This is an excellent time to choose your Shell Essence Blend for personal Health and Vitality on your Solar Return.”

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