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On Track

Many people need to hear the message we are constantly sending, which is that everything is ‘on track’.

Whenever you sense change, it has usually meant in your past, that something bad is coming! Now change is happening, but something good is coming! You arrived with a positive plan for your planet, and this plan is on track.

Now that you are able to see the change, instead of fearing, you should be rejoicing! Instead of noticing every small negative action, set your vision on the many positive and wonderful things you are creating. Then your media will begin to report the positive events when they notice that this is what most people are looking for. These positive

events are not usually reported on the election channels, but are created each day by people with hearts responding to love, caring and compassion.

A great swirl of positive, multidimensional energy has been downloaded onto your planet. Why? Because you have asked for this and are ready for it!

Perhaps you think “I’m not ready for this change; I was more comfortable before”! You will be comfortable again – more than you can even imagine. But never have faith and trust been more important, and they are actually accelerating the change.

The Planet Earth is changing, and we must all accept this and move with it; not attempt to backtrack.

Everything is on track to eventually create a planet of beauty, harmony and wonder, and we are each contributing in our own individual way.

This positive growth we have all requested is ‘on track’.

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