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The Importance of Destiny

The importance of Destiny means not projecting negative events into the future, but knowing that the destiny of humanity and the Planet is rising into the Light.

As our energy rises to the Light, the old negative battles are left behind; they do not create the destiny of our Planet or of Humanity. They are showing where we have been, and bringing those battles, competitiveness, corruption and cruelty into our current view to be seen, rejected and released.

When we observe what we are being shown today we wonder why? Where has this negativity come from? The negative energy we see today is a reflection of times past; old memories are being brought to the surface and confronted. Remember that the first step towards change is to observe, confront, and make the decision “Is this what we want?”

Now the tide has turned, and all the old rubbish that has contaminated our sea of understanding and belief is being washed ashore. What will we do with all this washed up rubbish?

We will each collect what we are able to and place it in the bins Spirit has provided for its destruction. We will not bury it again, but we will remove it, as many people are already doing.

Such is the destiny of humanity and of our planet; our Ocean of Belief is being gradually washed clean.

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