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The Flow of Abundance

This Flow of Abundance is not necessarily related to how much money lays in our

bank account, but the number of necessities that surround us – enough food, shelter, warmth in cold weather, friendships, relationships, and of course health.

When we ‘tick these boxes’ and add gratitude, and ongoing trust, then we realise that our basket of abundance may be filled to overflowing.

So, what can we now do with the flow of our abundance?

Perhaps we can spread some of this overflow to help others who have not been so fortunate? For example, when our wardrobes are overflowing with clothes and bedding we no longer need, we can donate to others who need these items. Therefore, when we tick our many boxes of abundance, we can then decide how these can be shared to help others, thus allowing this abundance to continue to grow, and create new areas of growth we may never have thought about before.

Abundance is like a flowing river that feeds all life that lives within and around it, and when it flows, the happiness and fulfilment create more abundance. So it is with humanity; when our abundance is shared, then it continues to grow and create more abundance for all.

When our personal abundance is growing, but unable to expand into the oneness of all, it may not be fulfilling the purpose for which it arrived, so can become blocked, and instead of creating peace and happiness, it encourages greed and hardship.

If we continue to think of our abundance like a beautiful flowing river, we understand that it needs to keep flowing to feed and nurture all, not to become blocked, overfull, and cause flooding and disaster.

So, lets allow our river of abundance to run with freedom, and care for all its environment, thus creating ongoing health and happiness for all.

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