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The Colours of Life

Imagine that you are trying to paint your life with beautiful vibrant colours, but the background on which you are painting is the dull, grey colour of fear.

We all come from a long inheritance of unconscious fearful memories from difficult past times, and perhaps from early childhood, and this hidden, underlying vibration of fear can discolour much of our everyday lives.

So instead of trying to paint each day on an old canvas of grey, let’s pick up a new canvas over-painted with a white glowing light, and then paint each day with bright, happy colours on this new canvas; the canvas of a new, vibrant day. This may not be easy, as we are so accustomed to the grey canvas and our expectation that no matter what colours we choose, they will always be dulled down.

But let’s try something different! Perhaps hiding within each of us is an accomplished artist carrying beautiful paints and a new canvas. Let’s try to observe our human companions, our natural surrounds, our day-to-day lives and of course ourselves, through these clear lenses we have carried forever, and paint everything we now see in beautiful glowing colours.

Remember if we look for the colours of life we will find them. Let’s discard that grey canvas and paint our new life with the colours we all deserve.

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