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Social Unrest

‘Social Unrest’ is something the media loves to portray and call to our attention. This phenomenon occurs when a group of people feel that something in their country, their politics, or their world is unfair, unethical, and lacking compassion. Our communication system allows this perception to become common knowledge.

No longer will people sit back and allow governments to inflict unfairness on others without stating their opinion, so within the concept of a world view, people are questioning and demanding integrity.

However the roots of social unrest lie much deeper within that we may realise. As our souls awaken to higher vibrational energy, we begin searching for the higher principles of life. It’s easy to see the damage being caused by unethical actions in politics and world events, but not so easy to recognize them in our own home, business, or thoughts.

The biggest hurdle is to recognize the problem, and the part we may play in it; any behaviour less than open, honest, ethical and caring must be addressed within ourselves. It is the small, hidden issues that cause the most widespread damage, and also the small, positive, thoughts and actions of caring and compassion that will eventually change our world.

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