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Loving our Bodies

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Too often our attitude towards our bodies is one of criticism. We criticise what we perceive as ‘wrong’, ‘missing’, or not in line with the current belief of the correct shape, size, weight, etc.

But how often do we thank our bodies for the wonderful job they are doing keeping us alive, healthy and able to continue our life on this planet?

Our cells listen to all the messages we send them and attempt to respond to our requests.

How often do we send messages of love and gratitude? How often do we acknowledge their support?

I keep referring to the high vibrational energy now impacting our planet, and this energy also impacts our cellular bodies, opening more doors for positive change of attitude towards our wonderful, amazing bodies.

Following is a description by Dr. Chris Henderson of her new book ‘My Body Loves Me’ which I believe may change any negative conscious and unconscious beliefs we might be inflicting on our bodies.


A new book in the Rose Series

By Dr. Cris Henderson

Our bodies love us. They watch for ways to remind us to make different choices, to take another route or to be at ease.

A twinge here or a pain there - all part of the language the body uses to generate change. There are infinite possibilities available to re-invent our bodies harmoniously. If we heed the messages we can make the changes in time to save us from suffering down the track.

This page turner activates our potency. It takes us on the journey of a lifetime – we swing through our bodies in a way we have never seen before – we enter places we have never imagined before.

The joyful potency of the rose shines through every word.

This is the perfect Christmas gift for those who are interested in becoming their own body whisperer.

as an e-book ($35.00) or in hard copy fully illustrated limited signed edition is available from the author. Cost $30.00 plus postage and packing to anywhere in Australia.

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