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Kimberleigh Joblin our current astrology

Kimberleigh Joblin has written about the current astrology and how it affects the Collective of Humanity at the present time.

Transiting ‘fast action man’ Mars, planet of war, heat and action has moved into his natural Ruling Home Sign of Aries, and will spend an unusually long period of time charging forwards, and then charging retrograde, and then charging forwards again for 6 months!

Expect lots of ‘hot air’, bruising, and not much to show for your effort at this time unless you can moderate your actions and connect to a positively directed Mars, and use the balancing Shell Essences and a Meditative practice to ‘cool it down’.

Aries tends to want to move quickly, and blunder his way forwards at any cost, as he has a dislike of constraints and moderation.

Transiting Eris, Dwarf Planet of shadows, chaos, discord, accompanies her heated brother Mars and multiplies the chaotic discordant energies.

There are Multiple, Current Planetary Squares eg Eris; Retrograde Jupiter; Retrograde Pluto; Retrograde Saturn; all in Capricorn.

When you have Government (Capricorn) imposing restrictions (Saturn) due to health fears (Covid-19), Stealthy Pluto undermining your immune system, your Jupiter blessings and solutions tend to be hard won, and always with an unpalatable compromise.

Now we want a speedy return-to-normal, but perhaps ‘normal’ needs to be considered a new, genuinely better ‘normal’ than has ever been on offer before.

May I suggest the new Shell Essence Star Light that helps you to let go of the same old merry-go-round, and to dislike the repeated results of Old. It allows a totally renewed, higher, more fulfilling way of being and living that your soul craves, but has not been accessible to you before.

I believe you can add the Coral Essences to address your shadow self, especially Coral Essence No 6 – Distichopora, which helps you change your experience of heated, haphazard Mars into positive right action for you, bringing a sense of fulfillment, harmony and divinity.

If you’re feeling excessively ‘poor me’, add Coral No.10 Pachyclavularia.

If you combine Coral No 6 and Coral No 10 with Star Light you’ll have a genuine New Beginning that is actually better than you could previously envision for yourself.

In Health and Blessings Kimberleigh

 Kimberleigh Joblin Astro-talk and Your Astrology body Personal Online and Skype Consultation available. Mobile Telephone 0468 41128

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