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Something many people are missing today is comfort; physical comfort when perhaps the weather is difficult, but more importantly, emotional and spiritual comfort. Comfort means feeling at peace and relaxed despite what might be happening around us, and what other people may be experiencing.

We often feel the need to give comfort to those whom we believe are suffering, but first we need to give comfort to ourselves, just as a kind, caring mother would do for her child. Feeling comfortable with ourselves is perhaps the first step towards creating the lives and experiences we desire.

Comfort means moving into an emotional, spiritual space of rest, serenity, and knowing that we are always cared for by our spiritual helpers, and also by our higher selves – but only when we request comfort and release the old unconscious belief that ‘suffering is good for us!’ To create the lives and careers we desire we must first allow comfort to replace self-doubt and suffering.

Perhaps we don’t recognize and acknowledge the comfort that surrounds us, just waiting for our acceptance? As soon as we wake in the morning we can give thanks for even the smallest comforts we notice, and as we end our day we can also give thanks for all the comforts of which we have become aware. If we want the physical body in which we reside to feel comfortable, we need to acknowledge the experience of comfort.

All creatures great and small understand the need to create comfort for their young and for themselves; they know that physical comfort will create emotional comfort. We can learn a lot from our fellow creatures on this planet, but when we also add spiritual comfort, then our lives will evolve with ease and grace.

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