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Compete or Cooperate

Our current society seems to worship ‘competition’ – the competition within education; business; sport, and even within friendships. We are so accustomed to competing that we never question its value; it’s such an all-encompassing part of our lives.

But instead of competing against others, what if we acknowledged our own self-worth, our own intelligence, wisdom and value, and also acknowledged the value and abilities of others? Why do we need to judge ourselves against others, and judge other people by comparing them with ourselves?

If we were all facets of a beautiful crystal, would each facet declare it was more beautiful than the next facet?

We are so accustomed to the concept of ‘winners and losers’, and no one wants to be acknowledged as a ‘loser’. But if there was no competing, just each person using their own abilities to the highest advantage of all, what would our lives be like then? Could we see ourselves as part of the Oneness of all?

If we imagined ourselves as each being pieces of a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, would one part be more important than the next, each competing for prominence? Or would each piece be of equal value in creating the whole?

When we can let go of judgment and competition we’ll discover the amazing beautiful beings we each are, and when we can honour co-operation and Oneness what a beautiful world we’ll create.

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