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Rest Relax Repair

When part of your life seems to be going backwards or downhill for you, understand that there is a reason for this, and you’re not doing something wrong! Instead it’s a time to pause; to

rethink; to decide how you want your life to be. Perhaps these strange planetary patterns impacting us are designed to help us do this?

If your life was rolling along at full speed it may feel exciting and abundant, but you also need time to rest and re-think.

When everything seems to be at a standstill, this is a very important time. If you didn’t get these breaks to re-think, to perhaps resolve old issues that are still silently burning within, there would be no chance for change, for growth.

Carrying on each week, and each year as usual may sound happy and stress free, but maybe that’s not what you have arrived on this planet to create? Perhaps you have tasks, growth and healing that will remain hidden as long as you ‘carry on as usual’? Breaks may feel uncomfortable, especially if change is in the air, but without these pauses, there could be no growth.

When birds lay their eggs, these don’t immediately hatch into new birds that are frantically feeding and learning. No, the parent birds sit peacefully and quietly on the eggs allowing the new bird to grow within its shell. Perhaps now is the time that your eggs of creativity and wisdom are incubating?

Something unknown and unseen may be growing within.

Please remember that this time of inactivity is when new ideas and abilities are being created. So don’t become distracted by the outer noise and mindless chatter. Rest peacefully, and know that something wonderful is incubating.

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