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The Need for Absolution

The message today is about ‘Absolution’ – that is, forgiveness for our ‘sins’.

However, this is an ancient practice and belief, as Spirit does not see ‘sins’ – just people learning what actions are of benefit, and which are not.

We are beginning to realise that we all make mistakes, and this can be an effective way of understanding whether what we are creating is for our highest benefit, and of benefit for humankind. As Einstein said “Those who have never made a mistake will never learn”.

But as we are reaching a more enlightened state, we can understand that our negative actions on our environment, nature, and Mother Earth will cause more harm than benefit.

However, there is no condemnation, nor should there be guilt. As we learn to forgive ourselves and others for perceived wrongdoing, we begin to see a bigger picture, where the experimentation which may have been necessary previously, is no longer required to choose positive outcomes.

We have all been through difficult lifetimes and difficult experiences, but we are now moving into the Light of Higher Dimensions. We are beginning to recognize our inner power, and acknowledge the beautiful amazing Being that dwells within our human layer.

Just as a beautiful butterfly lives within a chrysalis until the time is right for its release, lets release the ‘beautiful butterfly’ that dwells within each of us, and free Planet Earth and Humanity to rise into the Love and Compassion with which we have each been created.

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