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The Need for a Positive Attitude

An attitude of positivity is needed by many of us today, as we may become addicted to the drama and negativity that our media keeps feeding us, as

well as our governments desire to control us. So, it may take much longer to create the planet of love, peace,

and wisdom that we have arrived

here to create.

Each time we think “Oh this is so bad, look how the virus is spreading; we will probably

catch it!” And “There will always be hardship and lack of abundance – this is what we will have to endure.” “It doesn’t matter what we want, we have no say in anything!’ These ideas of ‘what’s the use!’ are slowing our creation of positivity.

As I keep repeating, it’s the small actions of care and love that are gradually changing the planet, as long as we don’t become enslaved by the negative attitudes of minorities, whose voices often seem so loud….and important!

Whenever we hear of a negative action, or think a negative thought, we must immediately change our thoughts to something positive. Whenever I think a negative thought, I make sure I notice a beautiful tree or flower, or a smiling baby, or happy dog, and put my attention onto these.

Our mind is a palette of colour with which we are painting our world and our life. So why paint in black and grey when so many beautiful colours are available?

It’s so important to teach children to notice and repeat positive actions, and not become immersed in negative media. Small children are usually automatically positive, so to maintain this attitude, we can teach them to see the beauty in their surroundings, and to notice positivity. It’s like collecting beautiful seashells on the beach; always ask the children what ‘good’ they have created or noticed.

Once we set our inner expectations towards positivity, to heart-warming stories and the beauty of our planet, this is what we will notice and create, and we’ll begin to rub out those black and grey drawings, and re-paint them in beautiful colours.

Essences that can help you on this journey include:

Positive Energy Spray calms and uplifts; softens negative self talk and removes stress, fear and low self-esteem.

Noble Volute provides deep peace, love and a harmonious connection with all of creation.

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop helps us rediscover love, hope and happiness for ourselves and to spread this to others.

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Wishing you all an amazing weekend, love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences.

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