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SKU: Barnacle
Clears emotional baggage, old negative childhood memories and unbalanced psychic development to create emotional stability.
  • more about Barnacle

    Barnacle clears old messages of hurt and fear stored in body memory which may eventually impact the digestive organs. Often collected from early childhood, these negative energies become emotional toxins.

    Barnacle may help when explosions of anger erupt unexpectedly due to old childhood hurts and deprivations.

    Barnacle creates emotional balance when development of psychic awareness is causing fear and encouraging negative experiences. It encourages con dence in the growth of positive psychic abilities.

    Barnacle may be indicated when negative emotional memories – usually unconscious and often collected during childhood – appear to be disturbing appropriate digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and emotional wellbeing.

    It releases fear and encourages con dent belief in self and trust in others, and allows inner stability.

    Barnacle removes forgotten childhood hurtful memories to re-create inner peace, emotional stability, and self assurance. 

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