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Syrinx Aruanus

Syrinx Aruanus

Creates harmony within groups on all levels - planetary, family, groups of people, body parts - and promotes spiritual healing and co-operation.
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    Syrinx Aruanus

    Syrinx Aruanus creates group harmony on all levels – planetary; group interaction when people are gathered to learn spiritual courses; families; and even groups of muscles within the body.

    This is a powerful essence which can be sprayed in areas where there is dissent and disharmony to remove negative ego and create balance and a sense of co-operation.

    The energy of Syrinx Aruanus communicates with the melanin of the skin to create greater harmony between the melanin and the sun’s rays. Over a period of time this can prevent the melanin over-reacting to sun exposure; however it is not a sun screen.

    Syrinx Aruanus promotes spiritual healing and higher ideals of co- operation, community support, harmony with all, and oneness with Spirit. 

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