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Strombus Fasciatus

Strombus Fasciatus

SKU: StFasciatus
Cleanses aura of negative energy fields; understanding that spirituality is joyfulness and lightheartedness, not judgement.
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    Stromb. Fasciatus

    Stromb. Fasciatus helps all those working towards spiritual growth to understand that a spiritual pathway is love, lightheartedness, joy, laughter, and fun. This essence removes the burden of self-judgment and the belief that we are judged by God.

    Stromb. Fasciatus clears the aura of negative energy elds.

    This essence can be sprayed to clear the environment of negative earth energies called ‘Curry Grids, or Curry Nets’ caused by toxins released from decaying vegetable matter beneath the earth.

    Stromb. Fasciatus can be sprayed in gardens and backyards to create healthier environments, particularly where chemicals and toxins have been used.

    Stromb. Fasciatus allows a greater understanding of earth energies, and connects our nadis to the energy grid of the planet. It allows a feeling of connectedness to nature and a sense of belonging to our planetary home.

    This essence reduces self pity and negative complaining attitudes, and encourages us to relate with love, to ‘lighten up’ and to have fun. 

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