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Star Fish

Star Fish

For emotional stubbornness and slow-to-heal imbalances; releases blocked astrological earth energies, especially blocked Taurus energy.
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    Star fish releases the slow, blocked heavy energy which can cause emotional stubbornness and slow-to-heal imbalances.

    Star sh is useful when planetary astrological earth energies eg Taurus are blocked, and preventing, or slowing growth. It removes inertia to get us ‘back on track’.

    Star sh encourages accelerated learning and enhanced verbal skills for those who may have been labeled ‘dyslexic’ or slow learners.

    Star sh promotes better cooperation with others when there is loneliness, stubbornness and antisocial behaviour. There may also be sensitivity to electromagnetic energy.

    Star sh may be indicated for those who are slow to learn and understand, slow of speech, slow to digest food and slow to release anger. It allows a more positive ow of planetary energy to promote speed of healing, expression and thought. 

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