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Pheasant Shell

Pheasant Shell

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For unconditional love of self and others and discourages negative thoughts.
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    Pheasant Shell

    Pheasant Shell encourages feelings of unconditional love for self and others. It encourages a perception of youthfulness, discourages negative thinking and allows a ow of universal loving energy to be received.

    This essence can be taken to remove the conscious and unconscious memories of childhood sadness and stress, when this is interfering with the current pursuit of happiness.

    The energy of Pheasant Shell also encourages cellular healing and renewal, and encourages the growth of new energy tissue.

    By encouraging self-love and acceptance, Pheasant Shell relieves feelings of inadequacy due to a poor body image.

    Pheasant Shell also helps those facing hospitalization to accept with courage and equanimity.

    When focus is only on the negative and there is negative self-talk, self- hate, feelings of failure and self-condemnation, Pheasant Shell brings instead feelings of unconditional love, self acceptance, and allowance for universal loving energy. 

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