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Encourages effective stress management, balanced parenting, and capable, coping behaviour.
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    Murex helps when there is extreme stress, and parenting vacillating between controlling and neglectful especially within the mothering role.

    Murex may also help those who have dif culty managing their nances, and who may have an indifferent attitude to honest acquisition of money.

    Murex can also assist with positive ‘passing over’ of the elderly, both of people and animals.

    Murex can be a useful essence if there are vitamin K de ciencies, and to counteract any energy damage caused by an unnecessary vitamin K injection given to a young child. This essence should be given as soon as possible after the injection, or else after a growth spurt, particularly if there is leukemia in the family tree.

    Murex encourages loving, positive parenting, effective stress management, and capable, coping behaviour. 

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