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Eyed Cowrie

Eyed Cowrie

Learning spiritual lessons with love, compassion and wisdom; removes TV radiation from energy body.
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    Eyed Cowrie

    Eyed Cowrie helps us access spiritual wisdom by removing emotional blocks which can dim awareness of our spiritual nature.

    Eyed Cowrie encourages an enlightened attitude for those whose dedication to spiritual development may cause a lack of compassion towards ‘human’ issues.

    This essence releases the radiation of television from the energy body thus allowing children to have better concentration and learning ability. It can also remove the negative in uence of concepts and stories from TV programs which can lodge in the aura and in uence children’s beliefs.

    This essence can minimize the effects of radiation on our auric bodies and could be taken or sprayed in the aura regularly.

    Eyed Cowrie is a useful relationship essence particularly during menopause if relationship dif culties and misunderstandings are present.

    Eyed Cowrie is indicated whenever there are perception and learning dif culties with children, or suspected problems from television radiation. It also helps spiritual leaders who are losing their compassion, and for anyone on a spiritual pathway to learn with love and wisdom. 

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