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For positive, balanced, confident masculine energy.
  • more about Bubble-in-a-Shell

    Bubble-in-a-Shell balances masculine energy and is particularly relevant for males who are unsure of their masculinity. They may over-compensate for their perceived vulnerability with exaggerated aggression such as bullying, and ‘macho’ behaviour.

    Bubble-in-a-Shell may also be a useful remedy for women if their fathers could have bene ted from this essence.

    Bubble-in-a-Shell is an excellent essence for boys when they reach puberty to help them develop a con dent and self-assured masculine identity.

    Males needing Bubble-in-a-Shell may have had a very controlling mother.

    When there is dif culty conceiving a child, Bubble-in-a-Shell could strengthen testosterone energy for the man – particularly if he is tired from shift-work – and Robin’s Cowrie could bene t the woman.

    Bubble-in-a-Shell is indicated when there is unbalanced masculine energy in either males or females, but particularly men. 

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