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The Turning Point Essence

The Turning Point Essence

SKU: turningpiont5

A 5 Essence box of Infinite Energy Essences to inspire courage, direction, love, and manifestation.

The five stock essences are taken in sequence:

Ammonite; Ocean Jasper; Jackknife Clam; Wisdom Rock; Seahorse. 


🐚 to be taken in this sequence 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks.


Ammonite: For heart centered courage and steadfast faith especially during times of change.

Ocean Jasper gives us trust and faith that everything is actually going well, and that we can connect to the flow of higher frequencies which are impacting our planet and all of nature

Jackknife Clam – Allows positive adjustment to changing energies.

Wisdom Rock – Acknowledging and accessing our inner wisdom.

Seahorse - is the essence for positive manifestation

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