3 Balms eye, neck, face

SKU: SetofBalms
Face Balm 40g This formula contains five Shell Essence 'Light-Healing' rays. These access the meridians in a similar way to facial shiatsu, releasing locked-in memories of grief, sorrow and fear that over time paint the lines that give the appearance of ageing stress. Lightly perfumed with essential oils.

Neck Cream 30g This balm is a special jaw and neck cream that targets these important areas. While the rich balm hydrates the skin , the essences address the emotions that collect around the jaw and neck area, dispersing negative energy fields and allowing fresh 'chi' to move in. Unperfumed.

Eye Cream 30g The delicate skin framing the eyes needs special care to retain its youthful softness. The Essences in this balm are absorbed into the meridian energy system and address hidden issues of indecision, stress and suppressed grief that etch their pain into the tissues around the eyes. The visible appearance of these stresses begins to fade. Unperfumed.

 Shell Essences 

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