When we have passed through some difficult years,

We must now address our despair and our fears.

Let’s greet each day with faith and with love;

Much help is arriving from within, and above.

Yes, changes are needed, but let’s not despair

We have now learned to live with compassion and care.

A New Age is dawning, let’s all spread our Light,

And create a new world that is happy and bright.


Moving On 125ml Spray

Moving On 125ml Spray

SKU: MovingOnSpray
Both an aura and an area spray. When it seems that an aspect of our life is stuck in a stagnant energy and when instead of expansion and positive change we are experiencing limitation and lack of drive, spray aura - especially feet - twice a day. If a business or relationship seems to be 'going nowhere', spray room or business premises once a day for at least a week. 'Moving On' helps remove our self-imposed experience of limitation and negativity. It has been created from the new higher vibration essences.