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I am spray and card 30ml

I am spray and card 30ml


I Am

This method of using ‘I Am’ is a little different from the usual use of Essences.

Instead of relying on the Essence for healing, you are asking it to help you gain awareness of your own healing ability.


We do not really understand our own wisdom and abilities that have lain dormant within us for so long! So we are using ‘I Am’ to connect to these amazing abilities that we can now start to use with awareness and trust.

Method: Hold ‘I Am’ to the Heart Chakra and say the following affirmation:

I am that I am, Eternal, Immortal, Universal and Infinite, and what I am has beauty and power.

Now visualize any personal goal you wish to create, and then spray ‘I Am’ lightly over Heart and Crown Chakras, and give thanks for the achievement. Then repeat the affirmation.

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