When we have passed through some difficult years,

We must now address our despair and our fears.

Let’s greet each day with faith and with love;

Much help is arriving from within, and above.

Yes, changes are needed, but let’s not despair

We have now learned to live with compassion and care.

A New Age is dawning, let’s all spread our Light,

And create a new world that is happy and bright.


Humped Conch

Humped Conch

For appropriate expression of feelings, and communication, both verbal and non-verbal.
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    Humped Conch

    Humped Conch encourages a free, unrestricted ow of emotional communication which is loving and appropriate, rather than holding back through fear, low self esteem or resentment.

    Humped Conch also helps those who distance themselves from others emotionally by the use of clever dialogue to hide their feelings.

    This essence helps those with poor verbal skills to present verbal information more uently.

    Humped Conch discourages the inappropriate use of silence, particularly when used to control rather than communicate.

    Humped Conch gives the spiritual understanding that communication should be heart centred, whether verbal or non-verbal. It gives us the courage, con dence and self-acceptance to express our feelings appropriately at the time, rather than store unexpressed emotions in our bodies.